1948 portfolio sample.

I have missed Charlie Allen’s Blog, and his wonderful talents, I wanted to share with his fans my experience with this icon of illustration.

My first job out of art school in 1985 was as a production artist at Patterson & Hall Advertising. I got the job through a posting on the art school bulletin board, and was unaware of their long history. The owner, Chet Patterson became my mentor, and I worked my way through various positions learning the craft. Chet would often regale us with stories of illustrators who had worked for the firm including John Atherton, Jack Painter, Stan Galli, Bruce Bomberger, Amado Gonzalez and of course Charlie Allen. Charlie was, in Chet’s opinion, the best artist he ever knew, and this was saying a lot considering the company he kept. ”. Chet would say, “Charlie could do it all, whether it was a car, a pretty girl, color or black and white, he was a master”.

Having worked up to art Director, I had the pleasure of working with Charlie on the California native series of which he shared in his blog. Charlie would put together comps for the client’s review and approval. The comps, in of themselves, are works of art.




Final Art


Final Art


Final Art

Later, I brought Charlie in on a project that another artist had started. It was a series of ads for the Farm Bureau featuring “Rockwell” style illustrations depicting farmers in various scenarios. The challenge of the illustrations was the medium on which they were printed. The newspaper publication didn’t allow for crisp detail, and the colors often became muted. His illustration jumped off the page.


Having purchased the firm in the early 90’s, I was lucky to inherit some of his original work, and as a favor to me, he was kind enough to do my portrait. It has been a pleasure to get to know Charlie over the years, and he has been a fantastic resource as I’ve researched the history of the agency.


I’m fortunate to have this original hanging on my wall.


Thanks Charlie!